Truly A Turning Point

Turning Point 2011 was simply, outstanding. God showed up and showed out in such wonderful ways with many being filled with the Holy Spirit, receiving healing, deliverance, provisions met, prayers answered and in many more ways than I believe I could take account of. God works in us to differing degrees at different times and during this weekend, God ministered to the church in a dimension of great depth and power.

The ministry of Rev. Mark Morgan was anointed and impacting to say the least. The Church was richly blessed by the powerful preaching of God’s Word with signs and wonders following.

This year’s Turning Point marks 19 years since moving into our current site in Campsie and looking back over the years, the Lord has been so gracious to us as a church. Bishop Ted Slack had a vision to commence Turning Point Conference to commemorate the transition into the new building and it has become a hallmark weekend for our Church and churches in Sydney/NSW.

We have had some awesome ministry in the past and this year was no exception, though the ministry was exceptional. The messages were simply mind blowing filled with revelation and insight that sparked faith, reinforced truth and enlightened understanding. These messages are a must have in any believer’s sermon CD/DVD collection. From the fist message, Our God Is A Consuming Fire that spoke of how God will destroy the world with the same thing that will save it. To the second message The Story of Sonship that is packed with revelation. The third message was about The Father and His great love to his children, a message that will move you. Finally, the grand finale of The Journey that focuses on why our prayers don’t get answered.

Of course it is impossible to encapsulate in a few words all the outstanding revelations and chunks of truth that was delivered to us. So my encouragement to you is to get this set. We are grateful for the ministry of Rev. Mark Morgan and we know the Church has been taken to a deeper level in Christ. I know for many this has been a real ‘Turning Point’ (pun intended) in their lives. We look forward to our 20-year anniversary next year as we celebrate at Turning Point 2012. Make plans to be there.

This is a blog post from Stanley Harvey, the Senior Pastor of the Pentecostals of Sydney.

UPCA 2012 General Conference

The UPCA’s General Conference is just a little over three months away. This year it will be located in the Sydney area. The theme for this coming year’s conference is Increase. John the Baptist when confronted by his disciples and the Jews about Jesus baptising said, “He must INCREASE, but I must DECREASE” (John 3:30). If we want to experience Apostolic revival in our generation Jesus must increase. He must increase in our lives, in our families, in our churches, in our communities, in our cities and in our country!

General Conference will be held from the 2nd to the 7th of January 2012 at The Hills Performing Arts Centre in Castle Hill, NSW. We are blessed to have Rev Brian Kinsey, the Senior Pastor of First Pentecostal Church in Pensacola, FL, as the guest speaker. Rev Kinsey is a gifted preacher and an inspirational leader. You will not want to miss this tremendous conference!

Registration is required for the conference so if you would like to register, or you just want to know more about it, please visit our website.

One More Week

In exactly one week we will be gathering together to kick-off our 19th Annual Turning Point Conference. We are expecting great things from God and there is a wonderful buzz of excitement around the POS for what is going to take place at Turning Point 2011. We are so pleased to have Rev Mark Morgan the Senior Pastor of Abounding Grace in San Francisco, CA as our guest speaker. He is a wonderful preacher that has minister all around the Globe and just this past January, Rev Morgan was one of the speakers at the world-renowned pastors and ministers conference hosted by the Pentecostals of Alexandria, Because of the Times.

You do not want to miss this weekend. We have people coming to Sydney from across Australia as well as Fiji. If at all possible, set aside next weekend for the Lord and try to make all of the services, you will not be disappointed! There will be 4 services on the weekend and the schedule looks like this:

 Fri 16 Sept 11         7:30pm                                                                                          Sat 17 Sept 11        6:30pm                                                                                        Sun 18 Sept 11       10am & 6:30pm

There is no charge for entry and we believe that TP 2011 will be not only helpful, but impacting. So spread the word; only seven more sleeps till Turning Point!

If you would like to know more about TP 2011 and our guest speaker please visit our website.

Insulin or Chocolate Ice Cream

When it comes to ice cream, we all have differing flavours for our favourites. Some love chocolate, others vanilla, hokey pokey if your from New Zealand, Jamoca Almond fudge if you like Baskin Robbins or good old Cookies & Cream. This is our personal taste or preference which we all possess and are entitled to when it comes to, not only ice-cream flavours, but also to fashion, hair do’s or don’ts, music genres, where we would like to live, etc.

Although personal tastes vary, we do not ascribe them to be either right or wrong. We would not say that a person is wrong or evil if they like strawberry flavoured ice cream simply because it’s not our preferred flavour. That would be absurd because when we say that we like chocolate flavour, we are speaking of a subjective truth and not an objective truth. Objective truth is truth for everyone, everywhere because it is based on the object independent of the perception of the observer.

For example, we know today that the earth revolves around the sun. But hundreds of years ago, most people believed that the earth was the centre of the universe and to even believe otherwise was considered heretical. However, through scientific development, it has now been established that the sun is the centre of the solar system. Did the centre of the solar system change from the Earth to the Sun due to increased knowledge or revelation? If this fact is based on people’s opinions then, yes. But the objective reality is that the Sun has always been at the centre and the earth revolves around it. This illustrates the difference between subjective and objective truth.

Subjective truth is where something that is true for the observer, or person, may not necessarily be true for someone else, such as flavour preferences. “I like Chocolate ice cream.” This is true for me but may not be true for some else. Therefore it is subjective because it is information based on the subject, which is me.

However, when it comes to medicine when we’re sick, it no longer becomes a matter of personal preference or subjective truth as to what we would like to take to be cured. It would be absurd to say that in order to medicate and cure diabetes, I will just eat ice cream. Of course that would not only be foolish, but fatal. Neither would we take any other medicine like panadol or an antibiotics to treat Diabetes. There is only one, particular type of medication that must be administered and that is Insulin. Diabetics do not have a problem with understanding this concept. Let me reiterate; in order to treat a life threatening disease, we need the objective truth as to what will bring a cure and not just what I feel like taking based on my own preferences or somebody else’s for that matter. If I were a diabetic, I don’t need anything that tastes or looks good, I need what can help me.

This difference between how we view ice cream and how we view diabetes medication is exactly how people view their belief in God. People tend to view God subjectively like they view ice cream flavours. “Whatever works for you or whatever your taste or preference.” These are the watch-cry’s of relativism that speaks of subjective truth when it comes to God and religion. Like ice cream, they insist that whatever god and religion one believes, it is true for them and we have no right to judge or make comparisons.

I believe, however that religion is more like Insulin. There is one particular medication for diabetes because it is an actual disease that needs an actual treatment, not based on subjective reality, but on facts. In like manner if there is a transcendent, all powerful, all knowing God worth following, then He could not possibly be subject to personal tastes and opinions of flawed and varied human beings. He must be truth for all people, everywhere, at all times. As well meaning as we could possibly be, to have a god subject to our whims and preferences, would not be a god at all. If there is a god who transcends this universe, He must be the source of objective truth and thus must be truth personified.

God is not a concept that differs from person to person and therefore changes in nature, personality, characteristics, intentions, purpose and methods. But there is a God who made some emphatic claims; “For I am the LORD; I change not….” Mal 3:6. “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” Heb 13:8. “I am the way, the truth, and the life…” John 14:6

The God of the Bible is not claiming to be a deity subject to one’s personal views and is therefore true for one person but may not be true for another like ice cream flavours. He is claiming to be the source of objective truth that regardless of whether people believe in him or not, He will continue to be the God who always has been and thereby make all other religions false.

This is a huge claim, and if it is wrong then it is just another flavour in the freezer. But if God’s claims are true, then to not follow Him will be fatal for this and the next life. I invite you to investigate His claims and see if there is an objective reality to the God of the Bible.

This is a blog post from Stanley Harvey, the Senior Pastor of the Pentecostals of Sydney.