POSydney App Update (iPhone Only)

Recently Apple released iOS 5, an updated operating system for the iPhone. Along with many cool features it also required software updates for apps as well. Some of you may have noticed after updating your iPhone that your POSydney App would crash when you tried to open it. With this new update to our app it fixes those issues so you can go back to enjoying the app along with all the new features of iOS 5. If you have not updated your iPhone yet, this update to the POSydney App is not necessary for you.

We hope you continue to enjoy the app and share it with your friends. God bless!

TP 2011 – DVDs and CDs

Turning Point 2011 with Rev Mark Morgan was a blessing to all those who attended. His preaching was apostolic, anointed and inspiring. We have made available one of the sermons, “Father”, from the weekend on our podcast (you can watch it or listen to it here).

This Sunday morning you will be able to pick-up the DVD or CD packs that you pre-ordered for the weekend. There are five discs in each pack:

Disc 1: Our God Is A Consuming Fire
Disc 2: The Story of Sonship
Disc 3: Father
Disc 4: The Journey
Disc 5: Bonus Disc

If you were not able to pre-order do not worry because we will have extras of both DVDs and CDs. We recommend that you buy one of these very affordable packs ($40.00 DVD / $30.00 CD), here is what Pastor Stan had to say about the weekend:

The messages were simply mind blowing filled with revelation and insight that sparked faith, reinforced truth and enlightened understanding. These messages are a must have in any believer’s sermon CD/DVD collection.

Below are two videos from one of sermons Rev Mark Morgan preached entitled “The Story of Sonship”. These are just a taste of his incredible ministry!