Jena Grech’s New Book Released

Over the past few years the Assistant Pastor of the POS, Jena Grech, has been working on a book and just recently she has published it! The book is entitled Fruitful In The Land Of My Affliction – Trusting God When Life Gets Hard and has been receiving great reviews from those who have read it. Previously this book was only available for purchase through the POS but now Koorong, one of Australia’s largest Christian bookstores, is carrying it in their stores along with Pentecostal Publishing House.

Here is a foreword for the book from Nancy Grandquist (Singer, Song Writer, Author, International Speaker):

The Life of Joseph offers us an in-depth study of character development and gives the sincere seeker a great advantage to look at one’s own attitude, agenda and motive. Jena Grech brings us to that moment of heart realisation. In her honest writings she strips away every layer of self-preservation and encourages us to embrace the test and not run from it.

This book will bring fresh insight to your life in Christ. It is believable and applicable because the author has known the agony, beauty and victory in every step of her journey with her Lord and Saviour.

And now a word from the author herself:

Forgiveness is vital in our Christian walk…both to give and receive. It is one of the most spoken about subjects in the Word of God.

In the Bible, forgiveness is linked to prayer, faith, eternal life, the condition to receive forgiveness of sin and loving others.

If we are serious about our Christian walk, it is very important to be able to recognise any unforgiveness within us and work through it. This book speaks about how to do this.

The book ‘Fruitful in the Land of my Affliction’ is based on the life of Joseph and how he dealt with betrayal, loneliness, injustice and finally power. Abraham Lincoln said, ‘Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.’ Joseph had a Godly character and throughout the book, the life of Joseph is not only explored but it is also related to you and I in the 21st century.

Despite where he found himself, in a land of affliction, Joseph was fruitful. In this book, through studying the life of Joseph, you will discover that it is possible to be fruitful and victorious through your own land of affliction. You will discover how you can learn to trust God and allow Him to fight your battles. You will be challenged to face your hurts, forgive and break the chains that have kept you bound. Freedom awaits you!

If you would like a copy of Jena’s book you can order online through Koorong or give the church a call. If you have already purchased one buy some for friends and family and let it be a blessing to their lives!