Turning Point Conference Coming Soon

Turning Point Conference 2012 is less than two weeks away! It is going to be an incredible time of worship, teaching and preaching. We are blessed to have Rev. Raymond Woodward and Rev. Mark Morgan coming from the United States and Canada to minister to us. Many people have already registered but for those who haven’t the deadline is quickly approaching (9 September). If you register you will receive a TP pack that will include a discount on any media purchases over the weekend. You can register online or, if you are part of the POS, you can register on Sunday. If you are on facebook we would love for you to join our Turning Point 2012 event.

To other news:
– We have uploaded new sermons to our podcast (POS podcast on iTunes)
– NEW Youtube videos – Rev Terry Shock, Rev. Jacob Caltabiano, Rev. Richard Denney

July Sermon Notes

Following are quotations from the sermons preached throughout this past month to help you reflect on what God has shown us in His Word and what is in store!

Grace Builders
Pastor Stan Harvey | 1 July 2012 | Sunday AM

“The only precondition of grace is that we show up and receive what God has already given.”

A Letter From The Enemy
Pastor Stan Harvey | 1 July 2012 | Sunday PM

“When the enemy comes with a letter, take that letter to God because you belong to Him, it becomes His letter.”

A Scandalous Grace
Pastor Stan Harvey | 8 July 2012 | Sunday AM

“God’s grace is scandalous, it doesn’t make sense, but He loves you with an unconditional love.”

The Jesus That You Can Know
Rev Shawn Arbeau | 8 July 2012 | Sunday PM

“The only way that I can continue to know Jesus is to read His Word and be obedient to His Word.”

Jesus: A Man On A Mission
Rev Jacob Caltabiano | 15 July 2012 | Sunday AM

“With all your problems, Jesus just wants you to know one thing, He can put the pieces of your life back together!”

A Handful of Steps to Greater Faith
Rev Richard Denny | 15 July 2012 | Sunday PM

“The promise of the Holy Ghost is for everybody, it works in all nations, it works in all languages, in all cultures, it fits!”

Moved By Grace
Pastor Stan Harvey | 22 July 2012 | Sunday AM

“Grace is not something that we keep to ourselves but it must be given out, and shown to others.”

Sleeping Saints
Pastor Stan Harvey | 22 July 2012 | Sunday PM

“God is trying to wake up the church. It’s time to wake up and set our souls on fire!”