Turning Point

This Turning Point marks the 20th anniversary of this Conference which commemorates our move from our previous church building in Belmore to our current site here in Campsie. Though we will be here again next year, we are anticipating a newly renovated building. How exciting!

In the last twenty years of Turning Point we have been blessed with anointed and powerful men of God who have greatly impacted POS, such as; Jeff Arnold, Tom Bracken (Taiwan missionary), Jonny James, Doug Klinedinst, Ric Gonzalez, Raymond Woodward and of course Harold Hoffman. This year we are delighted to have Br Mark Morgan returning.

Our Bishop and former Senior Pastor, Bishop Ted Slack chose to call these meetings Turning Point because it signaled a profound event in the history of the Pentecostals of Sydney; the purchase of this new building. Although that was 20 years ago, it is ever more relevant to continue with Turning Point because not only is our site being renovated but I believe we must aim towards a ‘turning point’ in our community and city with the salvation of souls. Our efforts must be focused on building a critical mass if you will, of our efforts in prayer, fasting, soulwinning and discipling. This is the key to seeing our world turn towards Jesus…. when we as a Church and individuals turn our entire lives towards God’s direction.

Three times the Psalmist wrote in chapter 80 “Turn us again, O Lord God of hosts, cause thy face to shine; and we shall be saved.” Psalms 80:19

When God causes His face to shine on us, we will receive his salvation and blessings. But we must turn our face towards Him.

Let this our prayer every day!

This is a blog post from Stanley Harveythe Senior Pastor of the Pentecostals of Sydney.


Rise Up

RiseUp!!!Whilst Jesus was on earth, He brought healing to an innumerable number of people.  The miracles, healings and deliverances written in the Bible are not the only ones done by Jesus….they were the only ones recorded.

God manifested Himself in flesh and walked the dusty streets of Earth not only for our salvation but also for our healing.  Over and over throughout the Gospels, we read of the compassion, love and mercy of Jesus to the people He came into contact with.

An infirm man sitting by a pool in Bethesda was one of them.  He had been in that state for 38 years.  The only chance of hope he had was when once a year, an angel stirred the water in the pool and whomever it was that stepped into the pool first, was healed.  Being infirm and having many, many people around him who were also needing a healing, didn’t give him good odds to getting into the water first.

This man thought his only way of healing would come through the troubling of the water.  But, who needs a pool when Jesus is around?  Jesus asks him if he wants to be made whole?  The man responds with excuses.  You can hear the desperation and hopelessness in his voice as he explains to Jesus that he has no one to help him into the pool when the water gets troubled.

Jesus tells him to ‘Rise up’.  Think about it.  Even if he was infirm, he must have demonstrated some faith….trying to use his muscles in his body to actually do what Jesus was telling him to do.  A little faith was all that was needed.  The man received his healing!  God responds to faith, not needs.  If God responded to needs, there wouldn’t be any hungry people in this world and we wouldn’t need money to propagate the Gospel.

I want you to think about your own life and the answer that you are waiting for from the Lord.  Could He be answering you in a different way than you are expecting Him to and therefore missing His answer?  God’s ways are different from our ways.  That is because He operates from a vantage point of knowing the end from the beginning.  He knows what we need and how we need it!

I challenge you today to rise up from where you are at spiritually…  Trust God that He knows what He is doing in your life….  Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.  What He did for the infirm man, He will do for you!  Just a mustard seed of faith is needed!

This is a post from Jena Grech, the Assistant Pastor of The Pentecostals of Sydney and author of “Fruitful in the Land of My Affliction”

Turning Point 2013 Promo


This is a promotional video for TP 2013. This year we are blessed to have Rev Mark Morgan, Senior Pastor of Abounding Grace in San Francisco, CA, coming to minister. If you would like more information about TP 2013 please visit our website.

Purpose by Design

PBD3This month at the Pentecostals of Sydney we are focusing on discovering our God-given purpose as a Church and as individual Believers. There is perhaps nothing more frustrating and depressing to a person than living a life of aimlessness and purposeless existence. Understanding and embracing one’s purpose is the difference between living a full and abundant life and merely eking out an existence.

Most people give themselves to some kind of reason by which to live in this world. Some live for riches, pleasures, success, or even other people. Many are living their lives in a pursuit of finding ‘purpose’ itself. Our purpose however can be found in God and His Word.

Whenever an inventor creates a brand new contraption, it often attracts wonder and inquiry from others, with the main question being; “What is it?” or in other words; ‘What is it’s purpose?’ To get the answer, one must inquire with the inventor or creator of that machine. In like manner, to discover our purpose, we must inquire with our Creator.

Colossians 1:16 says; All things were created through Him and for Him.

We have been created with the purpose of giving God pleasure with our lives. We further discover that the way that we have been created or designed has not been a random occurrence but it’s been with a specific aim in mind.

Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. Rev 4:11 (KJV)

Are you living out your purpose in Christ? Join with us for this incredible journey of living on purpose according to God’s divine intentions!

This is a blog post from Stanley Harveythe Senior Pastor of the Pentecostals of Sydney.