ReBuild_Flash_ad_1The month of October marks a historic occasion at the Pentecostals of Sydney. As of the 13th we will be holding services in Earlwood at Elite Function Centre, a rented venue, and what will be our Church home for the next 11 months, as demolition and construction of our Church begins.

The decision to renovate our Church building has been made prayerfully, with our Incorporation Committee but also out of necessity, as the dated building has fallen into disrepair in many areas. The building is about 60 years old and was not originally designed as a church, thus many spaces are underutilized and in many cases, redundant. Not to mention that there are many features that no longer complies with current building code and safety standards.

We can certainly say that it’s been a long time coming and the weight of arguments have led us to take this step of faith in rebuilding the Church to service the work of God for the next generation. We must remember however, the primary cause for this venture. It is not so that we can have a nice building for the sake of having a nice building. Or is it because we want to make a name for ourselves. God forbid! Remember, that ultimately it is for the saving of souls. The Church is a place where the people of God can gather together, receive ministry and hear God’s Word. It is a place where the unsaved can be brought to hear the Gospel and receive the Spirit of God in a safe and stable environment.

The Church building is the headquarters, as it were, where God’s Army can gather to receive instructions and be deployed to invade the world and spread the message of Jesus throughout the land. We can not do it alone. We need the leading and help of God. 

But we also need your help. This venture requires funds and support. So we are calling on all our Church members and friends to make a pledge for the Building Fund in order to cover the costs. And of course we also covet your prayers for this project. It is our hope that you will join with us in this exciting period of our Church and be a part of history.

Now go up into the hills, bring down timber, and REBUILD my house. Then I will take pleasure in it and be honored, says the Lord. Hag 1:8 (NLT)


This is a blog post from Stanley Harvey, the Senior Pastor of the Pentecostals of Sydney.