God Is

God is my refuge and strength. A very present help in the time of trouble. – Psalm 46:1

This verse tells us that God is…in the present tense for you and me right now. It doesn’t say God was or God will be….but it says, God is… He is a safe place. His presence is a safe place.

1-29-13-Storm Over Farm - Decatur, Texas

We usually seek safe places when we are in danger… particularly when we are in a physical storm. If I am outside when a thunderstorm is occurring, I get nervous and immediately look for a place that I can take refuge. And depending on the severity of the storm, determines how desperate I am to find a refuge from it. Once I enter into that place of refuge, the storm may still be occurring but, I feel secure and at peace because I am in a place of safety.

And the reality of life is that we experience many storms throughout our life. Storm can be in the form of financial struggles, relationship breakdowns, ill health, the loss of loved ones…the list is endless. Yet, just as when we find a refuge from a physical storm and we are at peace, even though the storm is still raging outside, this is how we can be through the storms of life.

When we learn that regardless of what is going on around us, God is a refuge for us, we can be at peace and feel secure. This doesn’t necessarily mean the storm stops…it just means we are sheltered through it.

Consider the verse that we are looking at today…It says that God is our refuge and strength…in the same sentence. To me, this verse is saying when I need a refuge, God will be there and whilst I am in that place of refuge, allowing God to shelter me, He will strengthen me to face what the storm has brought with it.

God is my strength. There is a verse in the Bible that says, ‘the joy of the Lord is my strength.’ Another verse says, ‘in His presence, is fullness of joy.’ Hmm…so, let’s put all that together now. So, joy (inner joy – which is not dependent on what I have or who I am physically with) comes from being in God’s presence. This joy from God strengthens me to face life. How beautiful is that!

God is there to help us through life…through our storms…through our ups and downs…He desires to be part of our every day life. Do you need help when you are in trouble? Seek refuge in the Almighty. You feel like your strength is gone today? Spend time in His presence and draw strength from His Spirit.

God is there for you and I. What a wonderful promise that is to rejoice and thank God for! He will never leave me or forsake me! Allow God to be your refuge. Allow God to be your strength. Allow God to be your help today.

This is a post from Jena Grech, the Assistant Pastor of The Pentecostals of Sydney and author of “Fruitful in the Land of My Affliction”

One thought on “God Is

  1. would any ladies in your church want to be pen pals with me?
    i’m 50 yrs old live in new brunswick canada and love aussies!
    thank you for reading this.
    luv n god bless

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