Pursuing the King

During this Christmas season as society at large enjoys a period of feasting and holidaying, we the Church, can with greater understanding rejoice in what God has done for us. It was about 2000 years ago according to the Gospel story that God became a man by overshadowing a virgin and was born as a baby in Bethlehem. It is undeniable that this event was a real one and not some legend or myth but it transpired at a point in time, in a particular place involving real individuals.

pursuingIt is a remarkable story that for some seems almost inconceivable that an all powerful Creator God would enrobe Himself in flesh and be subject to our human experiences. However, we are reminded that God would not circumvent His own law of the demand for death of a life in order to atone for the sins of man. This is why God became a man in order to pay the penalty of sin for all the world through Jesus Christ our Lord (John 3:16).

Though Christ died for the whole world, yet His gift of grace is given only to those who come to Him, acknowledging Him as the Lord and submit themselves to His commands. It is not given to everyone who lives on this earth but to them who would pursue after Him.

In the same way that the wise men sought after the King of Kings who was born in their day, following the star; with the same determination as we follow after Jesus today with all of our hearts, we shall find Him. In fact, when we become followers of Christ, this becomes our pursuit for life. We must follow the King wherever He leads and whatever He desires. We can’t allow our spiritual lives to be relegated to mere customs and religion but we have the ability to pursue a real and dynamic relationship with the Invisible God. Chase after Him with all your heart, in your daily existence and you will find the Prince of Peace.

This is a blog post from Stanley Harvey, the Senior Pastor of the Pentecostals of Sydney.