POSydney App Reborn

It has been a busy few weeks as we decided to completely overhaul the POSydney App that you have grown to love. Since we first released the app we have done some minor changes to the content within the app but it looks basically the same, that is not the case with this update. We have redesigned the layout of the app as well as added many really cool new features.

(Warning: You need to have the iOS 5 update on your phone to use this new update. If you do not have iOS 5 do not update your POSydney App. It won’t work.)

New Look

To the left is the new home screen once you open the app. You will be able to access our Facebook page, the POS Blog, our Podcast, Youtube Channel, and Photos straight from the Home Screen just as in previous versions. But unlike previous versions you will be able to find info about the our church and the app by using the “i” button at the top right on the screen, and you will to access Visit Us, Contact Us and Share with your friends all on the Home Screen.

New Features 

Podcast: One of the coolest new features on this update can be found within the “Podcast” tab. In previous versions of the app you could only listen to archived audio sermons but that has all changed. With this new update you will be able watch and listen to archived sermons within the app but the coolest development is that on Sundays at 10:30am and 7:00pm AEST you will be able to watch the services LIVE! Previously you needed to download a second app to watch live-stream services but not anymore. How exciting is that?

Visit Us: Besides being able to watch the POS live within the app I think the ‘Visit Us’ tab is the most exciting addition in this update. This tab contains a map that shows the location of The POS along with our two daughter works in Liverpool and Campbelltown. All you have to do is tap the red pin of the location you want to attend and press the ‘i’ button. Once you have done that your Maps App will open showing you the route you need to take from where you are located to the Church. It’s pretty awesome!

Contact Us: In this new tab you will be able to email us directly or visit our website to find out more about our church.

Share: The last of the new features for this update is located in the ‘Share’ tab. Once you have accessed this tab you will be able to share the POSydney App with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, you can even email it to them or text it. This makes it easy for you to spread the word about our app.

So those are all the new features on this version of the POSydney App. We hope that you enjoy them and we promise to continue to improve on it. If you have any ideas on how we can make it better please email us or leave us a comment below. We are also in the process of creating a POSydney iPad App for all of you iPad users so keep your peeled for that, should be out in a couple months time. God bless

POSydney App Update (iPhone Only)

Recently Apple released iOS 5, an updated operating system for the iPhone. Along with many cool features it also required software updates for apps as well. Some of you may have noticed after updating your iPhone that your POSydney App would crash when you tried to open it. With this new update to our app it fixes those issues so you can go back to enjoying the app along with all the new features of iOS 5. If you have not updated your iPhone yet, this update to the POSydney App is not necessary for you.

We hope you continue to enjoy the app and share it with your friends. God bless!

POSydney App Update (1.3)

Over the last few weeks we have been getting complaints about the “Sermons” tab of the POSydney iPhone App not updating weekly. Since receiving those complaints we created an update for the app. Nothing has been changed except for the “Sermons” tab. You will notice that we have reverted it back to the original format, this has fixed a glitch on our build causing the podcast not to update within the app. So we encourage all of you iPhone owners to update your POSydney App within the App Store on you phone. Hopefully in the near future you will be able to view our live streaming within the app but for now download the Sermon.net App and search “The Pentecostals of Sydney” if you are interested in watching our services LIVE on your iPhone. God bless and enjoy the app!

POSydney App Update

We have been working hard over the past couple weeks on a new update for the POSydney App and we are releasing it today. Originally you were able to view our Facebook updates and Tweets, listen to sermons on our podcast, watch our YouTube videos and look at our photos on Flickr. You will still be able to do all these things but we have added a few more.

We have created a new tab called ‘POS Blog’. Here you will now be able to access the Pentecostals of Sydney blog and view all of our posts within the app. You are also able to share the posts that you enjoy, or that inspire you, on Facebook, Twitter or via Email. The blog will automatically update each time that you open the app.

We have also updated the ‘Sermons’ tap within the app. Originally you were only able to listen to our sermons in the app but since then we have added video capabilities to our podcast.

Now you will be able to watch selected sermons in the app as well. Regrettably you will not be able to watch our live-streamed services within the app but if you wish to watch them on your phone download the Sermon.net App and search ‘The Pentecostals of Sydney’.

Finally, we have had complaints that if you listen to sermons in the app, once you close the app, the sermon stops playing. With this update you will be able to navigate from the app and the audio of the sermon will continue to play. This will allow you to use other apps on you phone all the while listening to the sermon. The audio will stop playing if you receive an incoming call.

That about does it. If you have the app on your phone already don’t forget to update it. If you do not have our app yet you can download it FREE today for your iPhone or Android. Hope you enjoy the POSydney App!